Chapter 1094

Sulphur Springs, TX

Meeting Notes

December 2015 Meeting - Fly-Out

On December 19, Chapter 1094 of Sulphur Springs moved our meeting to Commerce Municipal Airport as the guests of luncheon host, Russell Armstrong.  Russell and friends prepared lunch for everyone and the weather cooperated to allow almost 20 aircraft to fly in for the lunch of burgers and hot dogs with all of the trimmings and deserts.

The happening place was Russell's new hangar at 2F7 and almost 40 guests from every direction came to join in.  We even had celebrities come by.  Kevin Lacy and Gary Cobb from the hit TV show, "Airplane Repo", stopped by.  Everybody seemed on high alert as Kevin strolled through the rows of planes but he didn't try to take anything.  Somehow, I got a photo of every airplane there, except for the two that they arrived in.  A Cessna and a beautiful old Stinson. 

For all of the photos, go to:  

 Photos of Chapter Fly-Out

We want to thank Russell for hosting and welcoming us into his beautiful, new hangar and we especially want to thank his crew.  Though not chapter members, or even pilots, they helped Russell make a successful event for everyone!

Cooks:  Scott Stahl - hot dogs,  Kerry Clark - hamburgers,  Lee Armstrong - made deserts and brought all of the food.  Steve Jones was also there to help cook, set up, clean up and provide ground transportation in the golf cart. 

The city maintenance crew mowed the entire airport and spruced everything up for the event.  They even got the broken gas pump working just in time.   Everyone had a fantastic day!

We held a lightening round meeting just before the meal.  

  • The Rotating Beacon project is moving along.  Chuck Olmsted has constructed a replacement door to the base.  Everything should be just about ready for paint, to be done at Legend Aircraft.
  • Curtis Wright preserved his position as chapter president by electing to bypass elections.  I wonder if that could be done in 2016 by President Ob......   never mind.   Anyway, our officers will remain the same for next year along with the addition of Andrew Dalrymple as the new Eagle Coordinator.  Ben Scarborough will continue as Young Eagle Coordinator with Andrew taking over if Ben steps down.
  • Our next Young Eagles Rally is scheduled for April 16, 2016.  This corresponds to the same day as last year and the weather was great.
  • Big Announcement!  The "Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-In" had to be cancelled last year due to the storm damage at the airport.  After considering other locations, the group has decided to make another attempt to come to Sulphur Springs.  The dates are June 3, 4 and 5 of 2016.  As previously planned, our chapter will host a Pancake Breakfast for the attendees on Saturday and Sunday morning.
Our next meeting will be on March 19, 2016 at 9:00 am in the terminal building conference room in Sulphur Springs.  See you then!



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