Chapter 1094

Sulphur Springs, TX

Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 1094

Meeting Minutes


December 14, 2019



  1.  Call to Order
    1. The meeting was called to order by President John Gandy soon after 9:30.
    2. Thirteen members were in attendance.
  2. Reading of the Minutes
    1. John Gandy went over the minutes of the last meeting.  
    2. Minutes from October had been delivered to the membership by email prior to the meeting.  Minutes were approved as read.
  3. Treasurer Report
    1. Treasurer Everett DeWolfe reported the bank balance at $5,969.46. 
    2. The chapter charter renewal is due this month at a cost of $350.  Everett pointed out that the annual dues do not cover the expense of the annual chapter renewal and recommended raising the dues to $30 per year.
  4. Old Business
    1. Everett DeWolfe reported that the status of the Beacon Plaque is unchanged.  Awaiting completion.  Members discussed making a granite monument instead of a plaque.  The Airway Beacon route could be engraved into the granite and the size could be bigger.
    2. Some members attended the Rockwall Airport Appreciation Day in November and represented EAA.  They talked with local pilots about forming their own chapter and discussed young Eagles and other EAA programs.
    3. John Gandy gave an update on the Franklin County Airport in Mt. Vernon.  Conditions are improving. 

                                                    i.     The fuel pumps are almost ready to be activated.

                                                   ii.     The airport now has a courtesy car.  

                                                 iii.     Sand has been added to the parallel grass strip and there is ample room now for parking and camping.

                                                 iv.     The windsock has been moved to provide more accurate readings of wind conditions. 

                                                  v.     Members discussed the bright lights of the baseball field next to the airport.  They are pointed very high and can be a distraction to nighttime operations, but it is easy to find the airport at night!

  1. Gerry Brewer reported that the Sulphur Springs Airport is expanding the ramp (or at least a taxiway) to cover or connect the area between the terminal ramp and the north ramp by the fuel pump.  This will greatly improve airport operations because planes moving between those locations will no longer have to travel on the main taxiway when moving from the fuel pump to the terminal, usually in the opposite direction of other aircraft.
  2. Russell Armstrong reported that the Commerce airport will soon be getting new fuel tanks.  No completion time is available.
  3. Jeff Secules reported that the Flying Club promotion had been tabled due to lack of interest.


  1. New Business
    1. After a short discussion, Daryl Lawrence made a motion to increase annual chapter dues to $30.  Russell Armstrong made the second and the motion carried unanimously.  Chapter dues will be due in January.
    2. Members discussed fundraising ideas such as selling hotdogs at our Young Eagles Rally.  No action was taken.
    3. A motion was made and seconded that we move our monthly meetings back to the 3rd Saturday of each month to encourage more flying activities.  It should also help with attendance because many members are unable to make the Thursday night meeting time.  The motion carried making our next meeting on January 18 at 10:00 AM.
    4. Members discussed that new member Ben Hines recently purchased a Cherokee to use for his flight training.  Brad Rose flew it home from Dallas for him and Chuck Olmsted worked on the engine to improve performance.
    5. Members got a thrill as a B-25 Bomber and a P-51 Mustang flew in formation near the airport as they participated in a fly-over of the Sulphur Springs City Cemetery as part of the Wreaths Across America ceremony.  The planes were provided by Scott Glover and the Mid-America Flight Museum in Mt. Pleasant.
    6. Officer elections.  There was discussion and many comments concerning election of officers.  The following is a list of officers that were elected by acclamation.

                                                    i.     President- Jeff Secules

                                                   ii.     Vice president- Curtis Wright

                                                 iii.     Treasurer- Everett DeWolfe

                                                 iv.     Secretary- Ben Scarborough

                                                  v.     Membership Coordinator- Everett DeWolfe

                                                 vi.     Eagle Coordinator- John Gandy

                                               vii.     Young Eagle Coordinator- Ben Scarborough

                                              viii.     Newsletter Editor- Ben Scarborough

                                                 ix.     Webmaster- Ben Scarborough

                                                  x.     Technical Counselor- Chuck Olmsted

    1. Outgoing President John Gandy presented certificates and pins to the 2010 officers.
  2. Next meeting dates
    1. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM in the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport Terminal Building conference room.
    2. There are currently no aviation events planned near us.
  3. Adjournment
    1. The meeting was adjourned to our Christmas Party/Luncheon.  Everyone enjoyed a pot-luck lunch with an unarranged southwest theme.  Special thanks go to the members who set up the room then stayed around to return tables and chairs to the hangar.  Also, a big thank you goes to airport manager Joey Baker for allowing us to use the terminal building for our event – and for cleaning up after us!


Submitted by chapter secretary Ben Scarborough.        

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